We carry Art from a number of different Suppliers. Some comes directly from the Artist, some from Brokers and some from Suppliers who have it produced all over the World. The majority of the pieces we carry in stock are produced in Canada.

* A piece of Art should be 2/3 the size of the furniture below it

* Art should be hung 6" - 12" above a sofa, table, mantel or bed. If it is hung too far above the furniture it seems to float on the wall. You want it to relate to the furniture below.

*The centre of a piece of Art hung without furniture below it, should be about 65" from the floor. The biggest mistake people make is hanging their Art too high.

*Move your Art and Accessories around to different locations. It will give them new energy and you will see them differently.

*It's OK to store pieces of Art away and put up new pieces. Few people have enough wall space for all of the Art they love!

We have added the websites of some of our Suppliers. If we don't already have something you see on one of these sites in stock, we can order it in for you.

Most of the Prints range between $50 and $300. Original pieces from individual Artists range between $250 and $3000, although some pieces may be more

Aspen Glow by George Raab $650 framed

George's Web Site

 Her Favourite Cloud by Sam Toft $79.99 framed


Sam Toft is one of the Artists represented by Northland Art

Their Web Site:

  LYRICAL II by Joyce Combs $99.99 framed

Joyce Combs is represented by Celadon Art.

Their Web Site is:


This Year's Love by Julie Hawkins $329.99

Julie Hawkins is represented by Canadian Art Prints